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Most Zesty.io instances will be transitioning into our new system within the next couple months. Below are changes you should expect and be ready for.Content Versioning This is a significant change in workflow....

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3 Myths about SaaS WCMS Debunked

Because it's a relatively new technology, enterprises can be hesitant to make the move from legacy systems to SaaS solutions. So, what’s the hold up? Here are three myths that make enterprises more hesitant to adopt Sa...

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WCMS is an acronym for Web Content Management System

A Web Content Management System (WCMS) is a software that manages web content. There are few attributes that make it different from a traditional Content Management System (CMS). They are as follows:Cloud DrivenNo I...

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Zesty.io releases customizable JSON API endpoints because websites aren't just for desktop browsers anymore.

89% of media consumption happens on mobile apps 11% remaining occurs on mobile browsers (SmartInsights)If your business relies on getting your content out in the market, this statistic cannot be ignored. To respond ...


Recent Platform Updates

Teams for Accounts — 2018-07-31

The ability to create teams of users and assign them to multiple instances is now available in accounts.zesty.io

New Accounts UI — 2018-07-01

New accounts user interface and API released into production.

JSON Endpoints — 2017-02-28

Custom JSON Endpoints now available in Parsley. Along with new calls to control content looping.

Published / Unpublished Table Filter — 2017-02-24

In content table views a new feature is available to toggle showing published or unpublished content

Added new Facebook SDK to Social Curator — 2017-02-15

Learn more about new social functionality in the Social Curator tool in this blog post.

Content Spotlight Search — 2017-02-11

By holding the key command (⌘ + SHIFT + k) or (CTRL + SHIFT + k) a spotlight search will appear in any section of Zesty.io manager. You may search any content and use your arrow keys to quick jump into editing or adding content.

File Drag and Drop for in-browser editor — 2016-09-15

See it in action: https://vimeo.com/183755129

Code Editor Resources — 2016-06-21

The IDE editor in Zesty.io now has an updated Doc/Help page!

Design Frameworks (Templates) in GitHub — 2016-06-17

Developer can now create and manage their own design or brand specific frameworks using GitHub public repositories. Learn more at https://developer.zesty.io/docs/templating/building-a-template-with-github/

Webhooks Available in Forms — 2016-06-16

Developers can now set a webhook url on their form that can reach remote servers to extend functionality in Zesty.io. Learn more at https://developer.zesty.io/docs/integrations/form-webhooks/

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