89% of media consumption happens on mobile apps 

11% remaining occurs on mobile browsers (SmartInsights)

If your business relies on getting your content out in the market, this statistic cannot be ignored. To respond this, Zesty.io, has a basic content JSON api endpoint for each entry of content, which can be consumed by your mobile apps. Edit or create content on your website, and your mobile app updates with that new content as well. It's really a dreamy scenario for your content. Along with Zesty.io, a few other companies have a solution like this in the CMS market, like Contentful and the JSON API plugin for Wordpress. 

When it came to accessing content, customers found these solutions were too linear. The way JSON APIs were set up then, a developer would need to make a multiple request for categories, articles, and tags, then write logic to connect related content. If this logic was already baked into the JSON API, then developers could avoid writing new logic and only make a single request. The result is less development time and increased application speed. Zesty.io makes a single request related content possible, all while content is easily editable, and it updates your marketing website.

This diagram explains the above situation visually. It is clearly seen how this approach saves time on wasted requests and developer resources.

zesty.io custom json api

Zesty.io offers ways to achieve both configurations above, but we suggest the Customizable JSON end point to increase performance and cut down on developer time. To learn how to implement custom JSON endpoints in Zesty.io, head over to the customizable JSON developer doc

If you would like to explore using headless CMS functionality, setup a demo with Zesty.io.