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Product Releases & Updates

Zesty.io is a SaaS application, which means we don't have versions, but we've got new features and improvements coming out a few times a week. These weekly updates can be patches, minor upgrades, or small features.

Update Log

Teams for Accounts — 2018-07-31

The ability to create teams of users and assign them to multiple instances is now available in accounts.zesty.io

New Accounts UI — 2018-07-01

New accounts user interface and API released into production.

JSON Endpoints — 2017-02-28

Custom JSON Endpoints now available in Parsley. Along with new calls to control content looping.

Published / Unpublished Table Filter — 2017-02-24

In content table views a new feature is available to toggle showing published or unpublished content

Added new Facebook SDK to Social Curator — 2017-02-15

Learn more about new social functionality in the Social Curator tool in this blog post.

Content Spotlight Search — 2017-02-11

By holding the key command (⌘ + SHIFT + k) or (CTRL + SHIFT + k) a spotlight search will appear in any section of Zesty.io manager. You may search any content and use your arrow keys to quick jump into editing or adding content.

File Drag and Drop for in-browser editor — 2016-09-15

See it in action: https://vimeo.com/183755129

Code Editor Resources — 2016-06-21

The IDE editor in Zesty.io now has an updated Doc/Help page!

Design Frameworks (Templates) in GitHub — 2016-06-17

Developer can now create and manage their own design or brand specific frameworks using GitHub public repositories. Learn more at https://developer.zesty.io/docs/templating/building-a-template-with-github/

Webhooks Available in Forms — 2016-06-16

Developers can now set a webhook url on their form that can reach remote servers to extend functionality in Zesty.io. Learn more at https://developer.zesty.io/docs/integrations/form-webhooks/

getMediaURL() added to Parsley — 2016-03-03

Simple call that can be access cloud file URL without using getImage(), for documentation visit https://developer.zesty.io/parsley-templating/files/

Updated Session Stickyness — 2016-02-28

In some instances with commerce, carts would be lost on refresh. This system update solves that issue. 

Store Item Success Scripts — 2016-02-25

Store success scripts can now access JSON objects on the success page, or they can be created in the stores settings page to automatically connect.

Store UI Update — 2016-02-25

User interface update to the store dashboard.

Social Curator Scroll Bars — 2016-02-22

Scrollbars have been styled in the social media curator tool in webkit based browsers.

IE and Safari Date Picker Update — 2016-02-19

Changes the styles of the datepicker to based off of percentages instead of flexbox. Doing this for compatibility with IE and Safari.

Leads table chrome fix — 2016-02-18

Chrome pushed an update out that make some ajax calls not respond. This effected the export tool on the manager leads table. This release patched that bug.

Webmaster tools Import Patch — 2016-02-18

Google Webmaster tools changed their export file paths, our tool was updated to work well with the new export style.