Opting for a third party social media management app is now almost second nature for most brands.

HootSuite, BufferApp, Edgar and others each provide stellar social media management solutions, and are popular as a result. There’s no denying that.

But a content management system that claims to help propel your business into the right direction shouldn’t need to be so heavily compensated in such an important area. A lot of time and money goes into setting up and running these third party apps, when in reality, the CMS at the heart of the operation should be pulling its own weight.

Isn’t it about time an enterprise CMS stepped up to the plate and delivered powerful social media management features?

The Need For Social Speed

If your company is slow on the uptake when it comes to social media, there could be serious losses to account for.

As of January 2015, WeAreSocial.Net revealed that a dizzying 2.78 Billion social media accounts are now active. That’s over a quarter of the world’s total population.

They also reported a whopping 12% year-on-year growth for the same figure.

So, with social media continuing its global expansion, failing to maintain a solid stance across prime platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is of utmost importance for brands both big and small.

Zesty: Empowering Brands to Connect with Customers

Zesty is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) content management system built for the enterprise market. On top of being highly efficient and flexible, it also boasts a social media management dimension that’s actually worth using.

The foundations of Zesty’s social media management rests upon one-click social media integration, as well as future post scheduling. Two features to rival the core benefits of any third party app.

Zesty also serves up an all new “Social Curator”. This enables businesses to unify their social media handles with their website, two areas of an online presence which are usually distinct. With this feature, brands can easily leverage their fan base and bring social content full-circle to any website.

Furthermore, Zesty’s detailed multi-site and user analytics can then be used to get a better understanding of visitors coming directly from social media. This gives brands a new insight into their social audience beyond social shares - something which no other third party app offers.

To find out more about how Zesty can cut out the need for third party social media management apps, contact the Zesty team today.