This week we were fortunate to be able to partner with GeekGirl, a nationwide tech organization, which empowers women to have their voices heard in the tech community. The event largely focused around showing off our platform,, a tool you can build and deploy websites on. 

The event allowed first-time users of to get a hands-on introduction to the platform in a comfortable lunch time environment. In addition, the event included a great opportunity to network with fellow attendees. Being able to put a face to another community member is a great way to make community happen.

What was so enjoyable about this event was the diverse number of people that attended. This meetup had people visiting during their lunch hour, students who go to school downtown, as well as people from surrounding communities. Many different people came out to show their desire to see what the platform has to offer!
We were able to have two other members of the team; Dustin, and Chloe as well as myself, show off some of the awesome stuff. This is really helpful for many people who prefer or require a hands-on approach that often times the online realm can never provide. People really enjoyed to learn about in this physical setting. 

After we finished showing the attendees a few examples as well as some interesting screenshots, we let those people who wanted to continue playing with their websites, stay and get one on one attention, as well as extra help if they needed it. Now because of this meetup, even more people are using and making their websites faster, with less IT time in the backend

As well as an introduction to, the event included some amazing pizza and salad for the attendees. Because if anything is more exciting than building websites, it might just be free food. Thanks again for everybody that came out and we can not wait to have it happen again!