The login got a refresh recently, with 4 neons Z logos. Have a look: 

Not everyone loves neon, so I started digging deep to find where this inspiration comes from. is located in San Diego, California, (SoCal) a place where fashion is high and the surf is up. Let's have a look at some of the hot fashions.

Dang, those are some good looking clothes. The colors really accentuate the individual's great vibes and easy life style. This look was so rad that it reached the far corners of the east coast (where I grew up). Let's have a look at my sister and I from the nineties.

Neon green, neon blue, neon orange, and neon pink. Fantastic! I'm not sure why we had lots of neons (there are more than pictured here). Either my sister was so inspired from watching Saved by the Bell that she influenced my parents to dress us in neons, or my parents just dressed us in neon clothes so they wouldn't lose us in public places. Either way, we looked awesome, just like's 2016 login background. 

We have great news!! You now can look rad and awesome in neons with the neon desktop background!

Download the Neon Desktop Background:

Bonus Pants! Depicted below is our CTO, Andy Fleming, and Solutions Engineer, Dustin Horning, in what appears to be early logo pants. All 4 colors of the neon rainbow check out, the sharp lines in the pattern are kinda amazing! Kinda!