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  • Cloud Bleed Announcement: Zesty.io Users Not affected
    On February Google Discovered a Massive Security Flaw in Partner Technology

    Major security flaw in popular security vendor CloudFlareZesty.io credentials and encrypted data not affectedWebsites using Cloudf...

  • Upcoming Webinar to help people use Zesty.io
    Showing attendies the great features of Zesty.io


  • Sony Alpha Adopts Zesty.io SaaS 3.0 Content Platform
    Marketers Deploy Secure Consumer Camera Website in Two Months and Increase Visitors to 400,000+ Per Month

    Good Morning,We're really excited about this news going out today. We have great partners and clients. Drop me a note at randy@zes...

  • July Meetup: Using the Sitemap tool, and importing a template using GitHub on Zesty.io
    Solutions engineer Dustin Horning runs local San Diego developers through the Zesty.io platform

    Zesty.io Meetup!Last week we had the privilege of hosting our first Zesty.io developer meetup. Things got off to a really great st...

  • A New Accounts Interface for 2016
    After getting feedback from users, Zesty.io updated design and functionality of the accounts system.

    The accounts area of Zesty.io is where you manage and create new web properties. In this new release, the user interface design ha...