Next week, we are having an awesome webinar titled: “Learning the Platform”. The platform is used by popular brands like Sony, Rocket League, and Astroglide. This webinar will be talking about how to make your website easier to maintain, as well as set up using This webinar will occur on Thursday September twenty-second, at 11:00am.

This webinar will be talking about how to get started using The webinar will start off showing attendees how to select a template, modify the templates to meet their needs, as well as create pages fast using the sitemap tool, followed by a more technical demonstration of the editor, and adding custom code into the editor.

This webinar is going to be targeted for anyone who is unfamiliar with the platform, as well as anyone who has used before, and would like to see some of the tips and tricks that the people from the team user to make as great as it can be.

When you attend this webinar, you can be sure to get a working live website up and running, capable of giving you the ability to add your own needed customizations and information after, making sure your website is up and running in no time.

To sign up and attend this webinar, please click this link here.